Language and information technology school, translation office

Further offers


In addition to our language and informatics courses we also offer:



  • Language courses for children with the slogan “I learn a language by playing”
  • Courses in dialectic
  • Courses in the history of German, Russian, and Italian literature
  • Preparation for international exams in German, Italian, French, English and Spanish
  • Various linguistic corrections
  • Cultural journeys in Germany, Italy, England and Russia
  • History, geography and literature courses
  • Pedagogy and didactics seminars
  • Information technology courses, also in German and English
  • Information technology courses for senior citizens, children and youngsters
  • Accounting courses
  • Jurisprudence courses
  • Mathematics and sciences courses and lessons
  • Tutoring for middle school and middle-superior school students in Italian, German, English, French and Mathematics
  • Dance courses so that body language and linguistic expression can blend with each other
  • Mosaic glass courses
  • Music courses
  • Painting courses
  • Photography courses
  • Linguistic, cultural and wellness journeys


INDOOR SKATEPARK VANJA – Glossa, since 25/07/2009 official sponsor for Skatepark Coperto Vanja

The Vanya Indoor Skatepark is in Riazzino and provides all young people of our region with the possibility of skating safely every day and in any type of weather. From time to time events such as skating contests, graffiti painting contests, evening dances and concerts also take place there. For further information please click on the link below.


Info: http://www.skateparkvanja.ch



Want to feel good about yourself?


Feed the body and themind with the Wellness and Relax program tailored for you.

Info: Wellness


Glossa Sagl
Via Muraccio 61/a

6612 Ascona

Secretariat: +41 91 792 17 55
Prof. Dr. Dragana Kojic Maltecca (Director): +41 79 409 95 40
Yulai Danieli (Vice-director): +41 77 450 78 67
Fax: +41 91 792 15 46
E-Mail: lingue@glossa.ch









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