Language and information technology school, translation office

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La Scuola Glossa rimarrà chiusa dal 29.10.2023 al 04.11.2023 per una formazione interna.
Rimaniamo sempre disponibile telefonicamente al numero 091 792 17 55 oppure per email: lingue@glossa.ch.

Team Scuola Glossa

Glossa School

Language and information technology school, translation office




Language school Glossa Ltd. offers you a wide variety of courses and educational programs, facilitating integration into the job market or improving your linguistic abilities, be they of a professional, cultural, general, or specific nature. A specially tailored program will be drawn up corresponding to each student’s pre-existing knowledge and personality. Taking into account possible learning difficulties as well, we work out the best strategies for obtaining your goals. Moreover, the school tries to further cultural exchange between students by imparting lessons on the language’s literature and history. Getting into touch with customs and traditions of different cultures and mentalities makes understanding them easier.


Glossa Ltd. is not only a language school, but also an officially acknowledged and certified translation office. We can supply you with translations of any type and language, while also offering you a very fast and efficient service. Please forward your text and wishes via e-mail, telephone, or by personal visit to get your free and non-binding quote. Upon confirmation, your order will be executed promptly. Our translators are at your disposal for any questions concerning special terminology. Furthermore, we offer simultaneous and consecutive on-site translations.


The following metaphor and aphorisms reflect our school’s philosophy on teaching and learning:


Our teachers see themselves as bridges for their students, inviting them to make the passage; once those have done so, they gladly step aside and encourage the students to build their own bridges.


Exercise your strengths. What is difficult for you now, you’ll be able to master with ease one day.


Create thoughts in your mind, let them strengthen your will, and whatever you desire now will eventually become true.


Ultimo aggiornamento: 01.05.2024


Glossa Sagl
Via Muraccio 61/a

6612 Ascona

Secretariat: +41 91 792 17 55
Prof. Dr. Dragana Kojic Maltecca (Director): +41 79 409 95 40
Yulai Danieli (Vice-director): +41 77 450 78 67
Fax: +41 91 792 15 46
E-Mail: lingue@glossa.ch









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