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Language Courses


The school is equipped with a structure that permits it to impart lessons for any type of demand, whether it be individual or in a group.

At the end of the course, after at least 60 hours of lesson, a test is performed and a certificate will be issued with an evaluation following ELP criteria. With less than 60 hours of lesson, the student will receive a certificate of attendance.



Italian, German, French and English – Levels:

basic, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, upper advanced, university, literary, preparation for interpreters


Branches for all the languages

Hotel, bank, commercial, healthcare, business English, aviation English, sales and many more upon request.


English: Preparation for CILS and CELI exams
German: Preparation for Goethe Institut exams
French: Preparation for Allianz exams
English: Preparation for Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), IELTS, TOEFL

The exams are provided only for courses with a minimum duration of 60 hours. Final exam, recognized certificate and dossier with the passport of the European Language Portfolio (ELP). ELP examination fee: CHF 370.-



Taking into account the increasing role of technology in education, the student will learn to design an online course on an e-learning platform. He or she will be able to use the most effective training strategies and to put them into practice by means of the e-learning system, which is a proven method of accompaniment in language teaching and in the teaching of information technology (IT).



Students will increase their vocabulary in a fun way through the cineforum and the book club: they will be enabled to talk in a very spontaneous and natural way in the language they study and to develop significantly their ability of linguistic expression. Using visualisation in teaching is useful because memorising new lexis is facilitated by joining the words with the corresponding images.

A further outcome of the course is the sharpening of listening skills. All of this contributes to the ultimate goal of being able to communicate easily and fluently.


The conversation lessons support the ability of oral expression and the increase in vocabulary in the following languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Croatian.

Moving from one level to another or from one language to another one, the student will have an opportunity to leverage his or her own linguistic resources and to make progress towards mastering fluent communication in these languages.

Price: 20 group lessons: 400.- CHF
Minimum 3, maximum 6 participants.



The student will be able to understand the essence of authentic texts relating to the basic necessities of daily life. He or she will also study texts that deal with issues of curriculum writing and that provide him or her with explicit information on it. He or she will be enabled to select specific information in authentic texts that treat issues of everyday life, to elaborate descriptions and narratives based on different topics and will be enabled to communicate successfully and efficiently.



  •  Spanish
  •  Portuguese
  •  Dutch
  •  Finnish
  •  Hungarian
  •  Russian
  •  Polish
  •  Ukrainian
  •  Serbian
  •  Croatian
  •  Slovene
  •  Macedonian
  •  Bulgarian
  •  Rumanian
  •  Turkish
  •  Chinese
  •  Japanese
  •  Hebrew
  •  Arabic
  •  Greek
  • Latin


Glossa Sagl
Via Muraccio 61/a

6612 Ascona

Secretariat: +41 91 792 17 55
Prof. Dr. Dragana Kojic Maltecca (Director): +41 79 409 95 40
Yulai Danieli (Vice-director): +41 77 450 78 67
Fax: +41 91 792 15 46
E-Mail: lingue@glossa.ch









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